by Michael Yuan

ParaState: Evolving Ethereum on Polkadot

The Ethereum protocol is the dominant protocol for DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and Dapp (Decentralized Apps) today. Almost all blockchain-based Dapp software and a large portion of programmable digital assets run on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). However, originally designed and developed by a loose group of inexperienced software developers, including a young Dr. Gavin Wood, the EVM is also a simplistic, rigid, and slow code execution sandbox. …

What Makes ParaState Unique & Why You Should Know About It?

by ParaState team

It is known in the blockchain ecosystem that the scalability problems of the applications deployed in Ethereum go through the virtual environment under which its smart contracts are implemented: Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

For this reason, aware that the solutions go through an upgrade of the EVM, the ParaState team has been working to offer a new standard based on WebAssembly that allows the industry to solve this most important network weakness after Bitcoin.

Given the importance of the ParaState proposal at a development level in…

Basic knowledge

Metamask — Chrome Extension

Metamask is a widely used crypto wallet extension for accessing Ethereum-compatible decentralized applications or “dApps” in the web browser.

Metamask enables users to manage Ethereum accounts and private keys. In addition to the Ethereum mainnet and testnet, Metamask also supports Ethereum-compatible networks, such as the ParaState.

How to use Metamask

  1. Make sure that you have the Chrome web browser installed
  2. Install the Metamask extension from the Chrome Web Store
  3. Create a new wallet or import your existing wallet. If you choose to create a new wallet, be sure to save your new seed phrase. …

We are launching Polis —ParaState’s Incentivised Community Initiative for thousands of people to interact with ParaState, build and advance ParaState’s communities, challenge our technology’s capabilities, and participate in provocative initiatives that will stress test our network for experimental purposes.

Join Polis today, or read below to learn more about the program:

What is Polis?

Polis was designed to:

🧪 Test ParaState’s protocol environment

🐛 Identify potential vulnerabilities

👪 Build an active community of ambassadors for ParaState

🧑🏿‍💻 Gather feedback from developers

🖥️ Set-up and onboard a vast number of nodes, which will later be ready to transition onto Mainnet Staking

Plato Testnet is the first major milestone for Parastate — and a huge step closer to mainnet.

Friends & Community,

Today, we are extremely pleased to announce an important milestone: the launch of the first public phase of ParaState’s public testnet!

Over a year ago, we began working on one of the most ambitious blockchain challenges to date. After almost five years of development, today Ethereum is still the №1 public blockchain with the most applications deploying on it, even while it is running with limited performance and unsecured programming languages. While new highly optimized protocols have been released, the adoption so far is limited. …

Setting up Metamask

Click here to install the Metamask extension on your browser. It can be installed using the Google Chrome Browser. Just click on the installation button and it should be automatically installed.

By default, Metamask supports the Ethereum blockchain, but since ParaState is compatible with Ethereum, it can be used the same way by setting a custom RPC endpoint.

Adding a Custom RPC Endpoint

In order to connect to the ParaState TestNet, a custom RPC Endpoint needs to be added. On the top click on the network you are connected to and then on Custom RPC:

If you build it, the parachains will come. That’s the anticipation of Polkadot as the multi-chain prepares for the rollout of the last core piece of functionality, the parachains, this year. Our aim has always been to make it quick and easy for parachains to build their blocks and deploy on Polkadot using our smart contract virtual machine (VM).

As we move from alpha into testnet node, we are delighted with the results of our current tests. In this demo video, you can see a smart contract being rapidly deployed and operating without hitches on a node — a teaser…

هناأودأنأكتبهذه.ParaStateلقد ُطلبمنيمؤخًراعديةمرا يتماهيمزاياجذ يبالتطبيقا يتالنييتيمنرشهاعلى

.المقالةلفرزالإيجابيا يتوالسلبيا يتبالتفصيلللرجوعإليها

العامةيNoمعنرشيمعظيمblockchainاليوم يهEthereumبعدمايقريبمينخمسسنوايتمينالتطوير،لاتزال

التطبيقا يت عليها ، حني أنها تعمل بأداء محدود ولغا يت برمجة غي آمنة .هناك أي ًضا مشاري ع سلسلة عامة جديدة تهدف إلى

لى مثل ، Ethereum م ين أجل حل المشكلا يت على )WebAssembly( توفي بنية تحتية عالية الجودة ومعايي صناعية ولكنها تواجه جمي ًعا ، WebAssembly تنفذ هذه المشاري ع معايي .Polkadot و Avalanche و Near و Solana نفسالمشكلا يتالنيتفتقرإلىدعيمالأدوا يتالناضج،ويحتاجالمطورونإلىالتعلييملتعليملغا يتبرمجةجديدة.هذا

يستغرق وق ًتا وأنت تعل يم أنه لا يمك ين بناء روما في يوم واحد .هذا هو السبب في أن جميع السلاسل العامة الجديدة تريد…

— —

### Q1: 簡単に自己紹介をお願いします。


私は2016年からブロックチェーン技術のアーリーアダプターであり、ビットコインのマイナーです。ビジネスと金融の学位を持ち、スタンフォードの経済学やコンピュータサイエンスなどのプログラムにも積極的に参加しています。2018年には、たった月額20ドルのコストのノードで、libp2pとSSBプロトコルを使用し10,000人のチャットをリレーする分散型のMedium っぽいプロダクト 「Ticktack」 を作りました。このプロジェクトで、ブロックチェーン業界のインフラに深く飛び込んで学ぶことができました。その後、今日話しているプロジェクト「ParaState」をはじめました。

### Q2. Parastateプロジェクトの …

Последнее время меня часто спрашивают, каковы преимущества привлечения приложений, развертываемых на ParaState. Поэтому в этой статье я бы хотел подробно разобрать все плюсы и минусы этого подхода.
После почти пяти лет разработки сегодня Ethereum по-прежнему остается публичным блокчейном No1 с большинством приложений, развертываемых на нем, даже если он работает с ограниченной производительностью и небезопасными языками программирования. Существуют также новые проекты блокчейнов, такие как Solana, Near, Avalanche и Polkadot, которые стремятся решить проблемы масштабирования Ethereum, предоставляя высокооптимизированную инфраструктуру WebAssembly. Однако, все они сталкиваются с одними и теми же проблемами, связанными с отсутствием полноценной инструментальной поддержки, и разработчикам необходимо изучать новые языки…


ParaState aims to provide a next-gen smart contract execution environment with higher performance Ethereum compatibility.

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